Skater Movement Masters Promise



Step 1. Get the Daddy Kid Powers of Ten Album on iTunes, Apple Music, or Amazon.

Step 2. Include in the video yourself saying; “I am a master!” Believe it if it’s your life goal. Say it as a promise to endure all the ups and downs.

Step 3. Make a video compilation with one of the songs from the Powers of Ten album. Upload the song on YouTube. Make sure you go to advanced settings to recognize it as copy written material when you upload.

Step 4. Once the video is uploaded. Share it on your social media with the hashtag #PowersOfSkatersChallenge

Step 5. Make sure to put your links up on Facebook and message if you would like to get a share from the Facebook page once complete!

#PowersOfSkatersChallenge join the #PowersOfTenChallenges by taking the #SkatersChallenge where skateboarders upload a…

Posted by Skater Movement – on Wednesday, December 13, 2017


The Skater Movement website has been created in dedication to all those that choose skateboarding as their profession. It’s likely, in order to dedicate 20,000 life hours to master the skill of skateboarding, that a person first dedicates their life to the achievement. For that reason, and the reason of self preservation, this website documents the story of Skateboarding movement that promotes a long life. The association was first inspired when a skateboarder known to El Capitaine left this world behind before reaching 20,000 life hours skateboarding. The ideal was to provide a sense of a long term goal accomplishment to help skaters endure the temporary trials and tribulations of skate boarding as a professional. The movement is one that’s inspired others to uplift themselves in pursuit of achieving larger goals with persistence. The induction first came as El Capitaine took interest in watching skateboarder Vinnie Bahn in live broadcast on YouNow. The talent witnessed was unique and objective clear. To keep skateboarders with us in great spirits because their accomplishments are something a guitar master can only watch in astonishment. The message to wear protective gear while skateboarding is also clear. Preservation of the body is something that skateboarders should practice. However, there are some skateboarders that go without protection. And, all skateboarders should say a little prayer for one another this holiday season. If you know someone that has experienced depression you’re not alone. The experience of life is one that can come with the projection of positivity to be sourced when feeling out of place for one reason or another. The uniqueness of our experience in life calls for more than Skateboard masters alone. Weather male or female you can consider yourself a part of the guilds forming like the Order of Master Skateboarders with first inducted Vinnie Bahn The Skateiator. The guilds have expanded into the Master Order of Artists and will surely expand in the future. Making a life promise to live all the life you’re given is important. Choose to make a long term promise and join the masters orders! Follow El Patroñe del Lunar’s latest production! Take the challenge to challenge yourself with the idea of mastery.


“You may start in one place and become a master in another. But, the key is to live within the sense that your mastery of life is already understood by self preservation uplifting the mind to achieve.”

 This website was created by Christian Sutter.